Laughter - Relationship - Creating - Music

Four words I would choose to describe me.  My name is Kim and I enjoy the challenge of planning and hosting events.  I find myself energized in spaces and occasions that foster relationships, laughter, and good conversations.  

My husband of 27 years says my favorite saying is "let's do it!"  I am the mother to 6 children, 3 by marriage.  I treasure time with my family, laughing around a campfire, sipping a glass of wine on our deck, and any time I get to be with the love of my life.

I have worked as an Executive Assistant for over 7 years and gained much experience in event management as well as organization.  After a great season in a corporate setting I decided to go for what brought me the most joy, and that is planning events.  Under my "organisational belt" I have numerous corporate parties, awards banquets, Christmas parties, weddings, and special occasion birthday events.  I take great delight in making an event personal and love to incorporate the meaningful details.

I look forward to helping you with your event, tapping into your dreams and working within your budget.

"Let's do it!"