Emergency visits, porcelain hugging, and blizzards can't stop love

You realize how fast time flies when it's a former preschool student of yours getting married. Yes, I used to own a preschool named "Hug-a-Bug Preschool". Running a preschool is very similar to wedding planning, a blog for another day.

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Finding Inspiration When Uninspired

I never dreamt I would be uninspired. Creative types are usually not lacking for inspiration but, where blogs are concerned I have been exactly that. So, how do you overcome this not just with blogs but especially when it comes to the daunting task of planning an event.

For me the starting point is usually one "thing". Maybe it’s a theme, something my clients or I love. An idea that really just becomes a spring board of bunny trails, paths that create a big picture. Sometimes those bunny trails paint a dream myself or my clients have not been able to articulate before.

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