Momma's and their emotions!

And then I had a melt on earth is a typically hormonal mother of the bride supposed to deal with all the emotions of a wedding day especially if anything goes wrong?

I had a moment at my daughters wedding, hate to admit it as me of all people should have had everything under control given what I am skilled at, and what I do for a living. But I did melt down, so bad that my poor mother asked if I needed to go to the hospital. Ha, I laugh now but she had never seen me in such a state and it must have freaked her out.

My dear girlfriend put her arm around me and just participated in my antics giggling and comforting.  I am thankful that my particular melt down was giggling and crying at the same time and didn't involve any profanities or rages.

Emotions around this day are so strange for a mom, especially a mom that has given her life for her daughter's. You look forward to this day and maybe even dream about it a bit. Then, the day comes and there is that bit of regret that bubbles up inside you that this chapter in your life truly is over. We raise our kids to fly and then when they do it's bitter sweet. I am told the new season is fun also but I can't help but wish for those days when I snuggled that warm bundle in my arms, laughed at the first words, cried when their hearts were broken for the first time, and enjoyed that they needed me. 

Maybe that is the sign that we have done our jobs as mom's.